Consistent Color reproduction

PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop App offers an easy and efficient way to manage color profiles, delivering consistent and high-quality results. 

Features Device-Link profiles that ensure the same color is printed every time on different devices, and the EcoSave mode can save up to 30% in ink and media costs without compromising quality. 

Handles specialist colors, cleaner spots, better greys, and multi-channel ICC Device-Link profiles. 

PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop App offers a reference profile wizard, dynamic light and dark ink mixing, and support for special channels, along with proof certification modules, ensuring maximum control over all devices. 

Supports all common spectrophotometers and provides easy, centrally managed profiling for total confidence in color reproduction.

Users can guarantee brand integrity with spot color libraries and ensure consistent, high-quality results every time.

CALIBRATOR Key Features :

Guarantee brand integrity and ensure consistent, high-quality results every time

  • Centrally manage every device
  • Show what would print on any other printer, anywhere
  • Apply ‘tweaks’ to profiles on multiple printers
  • Guarantee brand integrity with Spot Color libraries
  • Clean and vibrant spot colors
  • Spot color tuner
  • Color Atlas generator
  • CxF/X 3 & 4 import and export
  • Special tuning for unique printers
  • CxF/X-3 spot color libraries
  • CxF/X-4 support for spot color gradations
  • dE 76 and dE 2000 measure modes

Device-Link tuning makes color management easy

VISU color engine delivers cleaner color

Our profiles include EcoSave™ ink saving algorithms for free, which typically reduce customers’ digital ink bills by around 20%. This feature alone can cover the cost of your PrintFactory subscription in under 4 months on average.