Full PDF Editing

PrintFactory’s design quality Editor Desktop App allows teams to make pre-press corrections to original files in almost any format without the expense of third-party design apps. It offers a range of features, including color management, font work, tiling, and contour management. 

In-file color management allows for cleaner spot colors, special multicolour intents, and control over whites, varnishes, emboss, and metallic inks. Specialist ink features include the ability to create ‘white’ objects, map any spot color to white or varnish, and define white or varnish to print under any object. 

Tiling options ensure optimum use of media and work to scale with any tiling setup.

Contour management features allow for the creation of new contours from any vector in the job and barcode support for most cutters. 

Unlimited users/seats  

EDITOR Key Features :

Make necessary changes quickly and efficiently, ensuring high-quality results at a lower cost

  • Live soft proof of the current setup
  • Cleaner spot colors
  • Multi-channel color support
  • Improve color vibrancy
  • Apply standard light source
  • Find the contours in any file
  • Create new contours from any vector in the job
  • Draw with vector drawing tools
  • Expand/contract colors

Including grommets, folds & bleeds

Barcode support for most cutters


  • PDF, PDF-X, EPS, PostScript Level 3
  • Adobe Illustrator AI, Adobe Photoshop PSD/PSB
  • TIFF, TIFF-IT, HPGL/2, DXF, Scitex CT/LW
  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, Targa
  • Create ‘white’ objects
  • Map any Spot Color to white or varnish
  • Define white or varnish to print under any object
  • Control over whites, varnishes, emboss, metallic inks

Add and/or remove pages

  • Work with any tiling setup
  • All tools for vehicle wrap setups
  • Multi tiling setup per file
  • Mirror tiling for vehicle wraps
  • Save setups as templates
  • Guarantee optimum use of media