These are some of the questions we get most often…

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Yes. PrintFactory’s VISU™ color engine has an EcoSave feature that reduces ink consumption without impacting quality – in many cases saving over 20%.

No. We provide online support and a technical team to help you through any challenges, but most customers can install, switch over, set-up and start printing in a couple of hours.
For larger installations talk to us about our consultancy-led partnership and installation service.

Yes. PrintFactory’s Calibrator includes a 3-click wizard profiling system that saves time, saves ink, reduces the amount of media you’re putting in the bin – it saves money, without making compromises on color quality 

Yes. PrintFactory is driven by the VISU™ color engine. This enables device-link profiling, so the way we handle color is mathematically more efficient. It’s visual matching, made simple.

Yes. In addition to smart layouts, PrintFactory lets you retain control over jobs, images, order, and devices. Just-in-time printing becomes easy.

Yes. PrintFactory comes with an Editor tool that your team will find easy to use. It looks and feels like the professional editing tools they’re already using.

Yes. Permanent back-up for all of your profiles online with a 30 day revision history

PrintFactory was designed to handle specialist inks and substrates. Talk to us about print production with specialist inks, white generation, and challenges we can overcome for you.