An all-in-one solution for preparing jobs

PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App offers a range of features such as printing and cutting, nesting, double-sided printing, and specialist color and sector tools. 

With smart layouts and manual control, users can make last-minute changes on the fly and easily manage stack and true shape nesting. 

Step-and-repeat features with vector graphic edit control, along with centralised control of every device, ensure accurate and efficient printing. 

PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App also offers tiling for speed and quality, cut-contour extraction, and finishing tools for creating grommets, fold, and bleeds. 

Automatic registration marks, barcodes, and QR codes prevent mismatching, and tool mapping and cut line extraction simplify the printing and cutting process.

Additionally, PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App offers smarter nesting and preparation, double-sided work with a ‘turn and tumble’ option, and templates to speed up workflow.

Unlimited users/seats  

LAYOUT Key Features :

Templates to speed up your workflow

  • All the standard Layout features you’re expecting
  • Manual just-in-time changes on the fly
  • Stack nesting and True Shape nesting made simple
  • Step-and-repeat with edit control for vector graphics
  • Easy double-sided printing
  • WYSIWYG job layouts
  • Centralised control of every device

Apply basic tiling functions to jobs directly in the Layout Desktop App.

You can change the dimensions of an object by scaling it, that is, enlarge or reduce the size horizontally (X-axis), vertically (Y-axis) or from both axes.

  • Automatic registration marks for cutters
  • Barcodes / QR Codes to prevent mismatching
  • Cut line extraction
  • Tool mapping
  • Butt-up option


  • PDF, PDF-X, EPS, PostScript Level 3
  • Adobe Illustrator AI, Adobe Photoshop PSD/PSB
  • TIFF, TIFF-IT, HPGL/2, DXF, Scitex CT/LW
  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, Targa

You can rotate objects around a fixed point or flip them across an invisible axis that you specify. This axis can be horizontal, vertical, or angled.

  • True shape nesting
  • Multiple stack nesting

Unique step-and-repeat features

Layout has default 4 labels and you can add custom labels to the list.