PrintFactory Showcases Print Perfection at Wide Format Summit in Florida

Florida, 26 July 2022 – PrintFactory, a global leader in digital print software solutions, made a remarkable impression at the prestigious Wide Format Summit held in Florida. Simon Landau, Global Strategic Partners Director of PrintFactory, captivated the audience with his engaging presentation on “Delving into the World of Print Perfection.”

With over 30 years of experience in industrial printing, large format, offset, and beyond, Simon Landau brought a wealth of knowledge to the stage, recounting his adventures across various continents. From Tel Aviv to Saint Petersburg, Dubai to Karachi, and beyond, Landau has seen print shops all over the world.

The core of Simon’s presentation focused on the power of efficient workflows and the importance of a comprehensive print software ecosystem. “Printing is a numbers game,” he said, emphasizing the importance of maximizing efficiency and profitability for print shops. He dove into key aspects of the print process, providing valuable insights on how to streamline operations and deliver the perfect print.

The presentation covered the critical stages from order processing, to pre-press, color management, and production optimization. Landau highlighted the significance of software-driven solutions to optimize color accuracy, streamline production processes and reduce wastage. He further stressed the need to empower press operators to focus on printing and maintaining presses,  without unnecessary concerns about color or layout decisions.

Landau’s visionary approach extended beyond production, emphasizing the importance of centralized control and data-driven decision-making. He showcased how PrintFactory’s centralized workflow solution enables seamless job transfer between printers and production sites, ensuring consistent color accuracy across all devices.

“Investing in the right software pays dividends,” Landau stated, debunking the cost objection by revealing that PrintFactory’s ROI in ink savings alone could be as little as three months.

PrintFactory’s inaugural participation in the Wide Format Summit cemented the company’s reputation as a key player in the print software industry. With its unwavering commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, PrintFactory continues to redefine the world of print perfection.

About PrintFactory: PrintFactory is a global leader in innovative print software solutions, serving print shops of all sizes across the globe. Their comprehensive platform empowers businesses to optimize workflows, streamline operations, and deliver top-notch results. With a dedicated focus on efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability, PrintFactory is driving print shops towards unparalleled success.

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