PrintFactory's automated workflows are designed to streamline and simplify the printing process by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Some of the key features of PrintFactory's automated workflows include:

  • Job scheduling: PrintFactory’s automated workflows allow you to schedule print jobs in advance, so they can be processed and printed at a specific time without the need for manual intervention.
  • Automated color management: Color management can be automated, with the ability to create and save profiles for different devices and media, which ensures consistent color reproduction across all jobs.
  • Preflighting: PrintFactory’s automated workflows include preflighting capabilities that automatically check for errors in the print job, such as missing fonts or incorrect color spaces, and alert you to any issues before the job is printed.
  • Automated nesting: This feature automatically arranges print jobs on a page to minimize waste and optimize the use of media.
  • Automated imposition: Imposition can be automated, this is the process of arranging multiple pages on a single sheet of paper in a specific order.
  • Automated finishing: Automated finishing features such as cutting, folding, and binding can be added to the workflow.
  • Job tracking: PrintFactory’s automated workflows include job tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor the progress of print jobs and view detailed information about each job, such as the print deadline, logistics information, status, the number of pages printed, and the amount of ink used.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: PrintFactory’s Dashboard is a comprehensive, web-based application that provides a single source of information about printers, cutters, jobs, RIPs, nests, and processes. Our software can detect and address any issues that may arise, before they become a problem. This helps to prevent bottlenecks and disruptions in production and ensures that the entire print shop process runs smoothly and without interruption. Reports can be generated automatically, with the ability to track job costs, ink usage, and other important information.

These features allow you to increase productivity, reduce errors and save cost, by automating repetitive tasks and allowing for more efficient use of resources.