Hands-on control over production

PrintFactory’s PrintStation Desktop App is a ‘RIP Once Output  Many’ (ROOM) application that provides a simple interface for managing production and combining jobs on printers without their own front end (DFE).

With PrintFactory’s PrintStation Desktop App users can gain better control over their workflow, leading to higher profit margins.

PrintStation offers hands-on control over production, allowing users to select, combine, and print jobs manually, as well as prepare multiple jobs simultaneously. It features both automatic and manual modes and allows for load balancing by hand or automatically. 

PrintFactory’s PrintStation Desktop App is essentially our version of a DFE (Digital Front End) for devices that do not have their own DFE. Instead of having the printer’s output directly connected via the RIP, PrintStation serves as an intermediate step in the process. We first RIP the file, then send it to PrintStation, which manages the output of the pre-ripped file to the machine itself.

PrintFactory’s PrintStation Desktop App ensures consistent and high-quality results, while giving teams more control over their production process.


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