PrintFactory’s VISU™ makes device-link profiling easy and accessible.

PrintFactory’s VISU™ device-link profiling engine simplifies color management, making it accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of digital printing.
With a simple 3-step wizard, users can create accurate device-link profiles for their printers using pre-set profile types and a printer calibration wizard.
The built-in printer calibration wizard can also match multiple devices, reducing media wastage, ink consumption, and turnaround times.
This makes it possible to print work across multiple devices simultaneously with consistent results.

VISU™ Key Features :

(PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop App includes VISU™ )

A Light Adjustment Tool (LAT) is a tool  feature that allows users to make adjustments to the lightness or brightness levels of an image or artwork. It provides control over the tonal values and can be used to enhance or correct the overall lighting in a digital print. By manipulating the lightness values, users can optimize the appearance of their prints and ensure accurate representation of colors and details.

Where saturated vivid colors are important

Apply standard light source to profile

  • Guarantee brand integrity with Spot Color libraries
  • Clean and vibrant spot colors
  • Spot color tuner
  • Color Atlas generator
  • CxF/X 3 & 4 import and export
  • Special tuning for unique printers
  • Visual Match
    • Commercial print work
    • Match to proof
    • Cross printer/media consistency
  • Perceptual
    • Best reproduction stand-alone
  • (Relative) Colorimetric
  • Absolute
    • Proofing
  • Keep separation
  • Ceramics Smooth
  • Ceramics Strong
  • Packaging
  • Ceramics
    • Light – Dark
    • Smooth – Strong
  • Packaging
    • Prefers 2 channels, max. 3
    • Prefers single channel
    • Save ink
    • Max K
  • Neutrals / Colors
  • All inks
  • 3 primary colors
  • Key channel
  • Secondary colors
  • Gamma change in %
  • Chroma
  • Saturation = + chroma, – lightness
  • Tuning wizard on printers
  • Adds internal correction DeviceLink per printer
  • Brings back a printer instance to golden state
  • Retains 100% of gamut
  • Purify
  • Max. Purified
  • Profile size
  • Brightener Compensation